Vote for server every 12 hours and earn 1000 credits!!!
Mu Online Top 100
Vote for server every 12 hours and earn 500 credits!!!

Item Shop sale! 2x More for the same price!

Hello, we have made it shop sale without ending time.

As we have moved server to safe hosting, now it can stay online for ever!

With that we players now are able to get 2x more credits for the same price!

Now 1 FO, full socket item costs about 1 USD!

Enjoy shoping & Happy gaming!

Server crash, fresh start!!!

Hello mulegend players! Today one of the server databases crashed and was not possible to restore it!

There was hard decisions there was 3 choises,

1. Wait for s8 few weeks and open server from 0

2. Close server

3. Open server again from 0

We have decised to choose option 3, as so much people loves mulegend as it is!

So, server is opened back from 0.


We have changed hosting as well,  if you cant connect with old client, download patch!

Download THIS and extract it over your old client!!!